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Eva Faché (1994) grew up in Gent, Belgium, where her eye for documentary photography was already recognised by her teachers in high school. Eventually, she pursued the discipline at the NARAFI School of Photography in Brussels, and then an MA degree from the Conservatory of Art KASK in Gent. Eva also worked as a photo journalist for the De Volkskrant in Amsterdam during the year that the newspaper company won the best newspaper in Europe award. Eva’s personal work is grounded on the curiosity to understand the world around us. Often taking interest in communities and practices that are often controversial or misunderstood, such as the underprivileged in Belgium, the bullfighting community of Portugal and a New Age group in the Arctic. Her work often involve commitment in time and attention and a sense of adventure, immersing herself within these groups for weeks or months. Eva lives and work in Gent and Tromsø. Currently she is teaching at Narafi, school of arts Brussels




2024 Gallery Durden & Ray, Los Angelas, Small Project 

2023 Galerij Maalderij, groupshow, Belgium

2023 Duo show, Karasjok, Norway

2023 GoldenCargo Gallery Solo show, Manila 


2022 Christmas sale @ Small project gallery Tromsø

2022 ParisPhoto OVR Small Projects Gallery

2022 Gallery Small Projects, Groupshow

2022 Helsinki Photofestival

2022 Belgian Photobook at Rencontres d’Arles, France

2022  Lokal, Groupshow Copenhagen

2022 Galleri NordNorge, Groupshow, Norway
2022 Gallery Small Projects, Groupshow, Duo project with artist Jet Pascua    2022 ArtFair Supermarket, Small projects, Stockholm

2021  FotoForum - Groep show, Brasschaat

2021 Ondersporen’ Cultural Center Hasselt Belgium                 

2021 Nouvelle Vagues - Marchin
2021 AntwerpPhoto - Iconobelge III
2021 Summersaloon - Kunsthal
2021 Twens - Leuven
2021 Breedbeeld - Out of office
2021 ArtFair - Juxtapose Arhus
2021 ArtFair Supermarket, Small Projects, Stockholm

2021  Grote prijs Sociale fotografie'

2020  Galleri Verkligheten: Groep show, Umea Zweden

2019  Winner of the 'Grote prijs Sociale fotografie'

2019 Breedbeeld Organization - Out of office                             

2019 Breedbeeld Organization - Opus one

2019 Hillbertraum - Duo show, Berlijn

2019  Breedbeeld - Groep show, Antwerpen

2018  Winner van 'De donkere kamer'

2018  NEST - Groep show, Gent 2018

2018  Kunst-ligt - Gast fotograaf, Wachtebeke

2017  De Morgen: Graduation

2017 PhotoTwens, Leuven

2017 Het Objectief - Groep show, Gent

2017  Lumière - Solo show, Brugge

2016  Tour &Taxis - Groep show, Brussel

2015  Ten Weyngaert - Groep show, Brussel

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