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In 2021, photographer Eva Faché and artist Jet Pascua lived in a small village of 28 people, more than 200 Greenlandic dogs, and no running water for a two- month artist residency in Oqaatsut, Greenland. Being immersed in a situation where the skepticism towards strangers by members of the community as well as language became an obvious barrier, the two artists were forced to reflect on the disturbance they were creating in the village, and in general, the touristic and voyeuristic nature of art residencies. Using the self-reflection and self-critique approach became an important starting point for the two artists, on their way to building strong and meaningful relationships and connections within the village. Their research, interaction with people from small communities, as well as people from the major Greenlandic cities, also gave them a glimpse of the complexities of Greenlandic culture, its history of colonisation, and its present role in climate change and our future.

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